Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What's for dinner?

Garden veggies!

Peas, the first few little French beans, Charlotte potatoes, beetroot, and carrots. Plus some lavender and mint.

We had salmon fillets pan fried with lavender and a little lime zest (worked well), boiled potatoes with mint and butter, and gently boiled beans, peas and carrots. Lovely fresh summer flavours.

In the process of harvesting I discovered more of Summer's weirdness.

Picture me with a wooden bowl which I'm filling with peas. I worry when I'm pulling the pods off that I'll pull off half the plant with the pod so I pick two-handed, one hand supporting the stems. I put the bowl on the floor.

So I'm reaching though the trellis (which is there so I can train the pumpkins and buttercup squash up it - didn't really think it through) to grab the peas. And the bloody dog's putting her nose into the bowl of peas and grabbing some and eating them with obvious enjoyment.

I mean, raw peas! And while I was shelling them she was sitting by me looking expectant, so I let her have a few empty pods. Typical bloody Labrador. She likes raw broccoli and carrots too.

We have an orchid in the orchard. Not on purpose, it just turned up there, looks very pretty. Michael has pics of it which I'll have to steal from him. And I saw a frog earlier, and we had a couple of nuthatches the other day (along with 20 or so regular bird species). And there are loads of common red soldier beetles which I've never seen before (they like to eat aphids and other small insects so they are good guys). Guess my somewhat laissez-faire attitude to weeding is paying off for the wildlife.


  1. It looks as though all your gardening labours are paying off Anna. I get very hungry reading your blog!

    Nice to have all those wildlife visitors too.

  2. I love fresh raw peas. nyom nyom. Are you coming t'pub tonight?

  3. Looks fabulous! When's the dinner party and how do I get there? ;-)

  4. It must be wonderful to just wander out into your garden and pick whatever's ready for dinner!

    Hubby brought home several eggplants from the farm garden yesterday - so many that we're going to have to get inventive. Thank goodness the boy loves eggplant!

    My last dog was a lab - and they DO eat everything!

  5. Your veggies look wonderful. Congratulations, it was worth the effort.

  6. Tricia, I'm definitely enjoying it. :)

    Kay, me too. And I'm not answering that question because you already know I was there!

    Attila and Nikki, come on over! First get yourself to England then find a market town with a very bent church spire. Then follow the smell of cooking veggies!

    Sayre, need some recipes to use up the eggplant? Because I have at least one that I've been meaning to post... My eggplants haven't even flowered yet. :(

    Yeah OC, I'm really glad I bullied myself and Michael into making the beds. Definitely worth it.

  7. But raw peas are really yummy!!

  8. Eggplant recipes are ALWAYS welcome! We STILL have some!