Wednesday, June 11, 2008


First pea pod emerges. :)

And yes, it's supposed to be yellow.


  1. So exciting! Mine are just up. You are far ahead of us.

  2. i've just sown the purple podded peas that Celia sent me... will be lovely to have lots of colourful peas.

    I love the yellow of these, and the flowers are beautiful too.

    Maybe we should have a seed swap next year?

  3. Hilarious - I have just read three blogs in succession which all started with the sondewrful words - its a pea!!
    I love the photos of these emerging vegetables - and if the seeds have come from Celia they will be wonderful.

  4. Not a response to your post, but I can't find your email address and have a question for you.

    A while ago, you posted something about a bird book with barcodes and a barcode reader stylus that sang the birdsong for you. Or at least, that's how I remember it.

    I've just been googling trying to find where I can buy one, but only get US hits, which is not exactly what I want. I want British birds, of course.

    Do you have any idea what I'm talking about? Am I confusing you with someone completely different?

  5. Hi Charlotte! Aren't we all sad getting so excited about peas... :)

    These are my first peas though, so it's all new and fun.

    Yes Rob, you've got the right person. I have one, it's called BirdVoice and the website is here.

    I bought the main unit plus a set of stickers to put in my own field guide. Definitely a useful bit of kit. I haven't really used it the the field as such as I've hardly been birding since I got it, but it's also great for just learning the songs.

    And in case you want my email, it's (replace AT with @).

  6. Thanks, Anna, I've ordered a BirdVoicePEN and organiser. Problem is, they're supposed to be a birthday present for Jenny (oh yeah, who'm I trying to kid?) and her birthday's not until November.

  7. Can you wait that long Rob?

    Hope you (and Jenny of course, lol) enjoy it!