Monday, June 09, 2008

Notice anything new?

Like, my header?

Now try refreshing the page.

Hopefully you'll see a different image.

Theoretically you should see one of seven images...

...which will change randomly every time you visit the page.

Cool huh? Well I like it anyway.


  1. Oooo... those are lovely! You must be a whiz at working around with blogger. I still have the pre-done template and haven't figured out how to add stuff to my sidebars, even!

  2. Not really Sayre - I just googled until I found a site with the code I wanted, changed it so it "pointed" to my pictures stored on Photobucket, and added it to my header section.

    Actually easier than it sounds.

    The sidebar stuff's quite easy too... want instructions? Just tell me what you'd like to include!

  3. Very clever :-) I'm afraid I haven't touched my template for months while everyone else does really clever things with theirs!