Friday, May 16, 2008

Miss me?

It's like Kay said to me the other week, when you're busy enough to have stuff to blog about, you're too busy to, well, blog.

So, I guess, bullet points or something. And I'll try really hard to catch up with all your blogs too. Especially you Sayre! Probably Sunday, when I don't have anything I desperately need to do.

* Did Dido and Aeneas the other week in Sheffield cathedral. Went well, witchy voices and cassocks and everything, and when we went wrong we did it confidently so the audience didn't notice.
* African Sanctus/Carmina Burana (our huge mad £10,000 concert) is tomorrow. I really need to do some work on both pieces. But on the plus side, David Fanshawe (composer of Sanctus) is coming to work with us tonight, and we sold out, over 500 tickets, in three days. Exciting.
* I stood for the committee again - as Administrative Assistant. And as no-one stood against me, I got it. Now I'm in charge of pencils and milk and tea-making rotas. And here's the proof.
* Garden is good. Things are growing - I'll do a proper post about it later with photos once things are not so mad. We've already had three salads of baby leaves, yum.
* I ripped the skin off the back of my heels last week, hurrying in silly shoes. It hurt. I have scabs, and can't wear trainers again yet. That'll learn me.
* I also got myself sunburned last week, and I was only outside for a couple of hours. Trust me to forget the sunscreen. My shoulders went red and were quite sore, made sleeping difficult. Until I remembered a little tip we heard from a Greek bloke once while on holiday, and rubbed half a cold fresh tomato onto the affected skin. Scarily, it works really well, and the next day the burn had faded to pink. Now it's just tanned and for some reason it itches. It's driving me mad.
* Baby robins. In our garden. Cute. One of the parents has taken to flying into the house through the open back door and stealing mealworms from the container I keep by the door. Photos will happen at some point.
* We sorted out and painted our bedroom, bought and assembled new wardrobes, cleaned the carpet and put everything that doesn't fit or we don't wear in a box for eBay/charity shops.
* I got Wii Fit. I've lost 3lb.

Doesn't sound like I've been up to much, but I have.


  1. Yay, glad you're ok anna, though you'd given up blogging. I know exactly what you mean though about not having time to blog, it's called "Getting a Life" lol. I am only doing mine now in fits and starts too. Some stuff too personal I'm pleased to say. ;o)

  2. Ha! There you are! I figured you must be really busy. I get that way sometimes.

    My dad gave us one of his raised beds out on the farm. We went out last weekend and planted some peppers, eggplants and a few other things. Darling Man picked out most of it. Now we just have to keep making the trek out there to keep an eye on stuff. Dad says we are the proud parents of two peppers and a ton of flowers on our plants (veggies-to-be).

  3. Wow Jan, that's great news! Trying to catch up with your blog, looks like I've missed a lot. I'm so pleased for you. :)

    Ooh Sayre, that's exciting! Growing veggies is so satisfying... just wait til you get to actually eat them.

    Guess you're having milder weather there that we are here, I have some squash flowers and some tiny buds on my little cucumber plants but nothing else yet. Peppers and aubergines/eggplants and tomatoes are still in the greenhouse, not big enough to go outside yet.