Friday, May 16, 2008

Anyone want plants?

So I have spare plants up for grabs!

Here's what's available.

1x pumpkin "Invincible" (dark blue/grey, with orange flesh)
2x courgette "Lebanese" (pale green)
2x courgette "Golden Zucchini" (yellow)
2x summer squash "Patty Pan" (pale green, flat shape)
2x summer squash "Yellow Scallop" (similar to Patty Pan but yellow)
1x cucumber "Mini White" (one person sized fruits, outdoor cuke)
1x melon "Minnesota Midget" (early, cricket ball sized)
1x sweet pepper "Sunnybrook" (early, 1/2 sized fruits)
1x sweet pepper "Orange Bell" (early and er, orange)
5x chilli pepper "Jalapeño"
3x chilli pepper "Cayenne"
2x tomato "Cream Sorbet" (long pale yellow fruits)
2x tomato "Amish Paste" (huge, good for sauces or salads)
2x tomato "Latah" (early bush type)
2x tomato "Costoluto Fiorento" (ribbed)

Kay, you've got first dibs if you want anything!

The pumpkin/squash/courgette plants can go outside now and should be fruiting soon, everything else can go out once it's bigger - can stay here in my greenhouse if necessary. Chillis will grow outside, but would probably be better inside on a kitchen windowsill or similar.

I can also provide growing instructions for everything.

If I don't get rid of them I'll end up having to spend a fortune on more pots and compost, and then I'll have more veggies than is humanly possible to eat.

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