Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another only vaguely veg-plot-related post

Garden news - second bed is dug and now needs the frame putting together and the topsoil and compost putting in, and stuff planting. The first seedlings are up in the first bed, little salad leaves. All the indoor stuff is doing well, and the peas are desperate to be planted outside with some support! I can't believe how fast they grow.

I've spotted two bumble bee nests in the garden, and we have a pair of robins making a nest in one of the small conifers - strangely the same one as last year, but on the other side. Different robins though I think. They've been taking advantage of the worms uncovered by the digging, and are getting quite bold. In other bird news, we were thrilled to see a pair of bullfinches in the orchard yesterday, such gorgeous birds which aren't seen all that often as they're pretty shy. I'll post a pic once they're uploaded. The garden's full of birds now, with about 20 different species regularly visiting and singing away like mad. I'm spending a fortune on sunflower hearts, but it's worth it.

Pictures soon, I promise!

Sorry Sayre, been far too busy to tidy my closet/wardrobe this last week - but as I don't have a linen/laundry cupboard maybe I can try to do it this week some time? Told you I'd end up doing this - in my defence I did have a wedding to sing at on Saturday which I had to rehearse for!


  1. Your garden sounds so lovely... If I close my eyes and listen, I can hear your birds and your bees buzzing.

    Your garden sounds much more interesting, compelling and important than your closet!!! You're doing an organization out there! (the rules are not written in stone - just do what needs doing!)

  2. Well to be honest, my closet really could do with an overhaul... but when it's sunny and the birds are singing and the bees are buzzing I just think, the clothes can wait!

    The peas, however, can't wait too much longer for a home.

    I'll have to grab a video or something, so you can actually hear. Like a virtual English garden tour or something.