Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pain in the neck

My neck's worse this morning. Think I'm going to go to the doc.

I now can't hold my head straight - it's pulling over a little towards the uninjured side and I can't physically move it back. It's like the muscles don't work. And my shoulder and back are stiff and sore too.

Apparently you can get a pretty bad neck strain or even whiplash just by sleeping in an awkward position.

Again, I'm being a big baby, but I really am hurting a lot. I feel like crying, to be honest.

Right. Off to find an ice pack.


  1. Oh, dear. Terribly sorry you're feeling so bad. That's no fun at all.

  2. Hope you get sorted Anna, nothing worse than being in pain. I've had a while with it now too, and get very tetchy.

  3. It's the way I sleep that's the problem, apparently.

    Last night I used one pillow rather than two, with a rolled-up towel under my neck.

    And I slept on my back, which I don't usually do.

    Every time I needed to turn over I woke myself up enough to make sure I just turned a little but stayed on my back.

    I didn't sleep terribly well, and my back certainly didn't appreciate it, but my neck is almost back to normal now. Yay!