Sunday, July 29, 2007

While you're waiting for Scotland photos....

....I thought I'd just update about Basil.

You may remember I posted a while back about Basil's foot, which had a thread wrapped round it that cut off the circulation and the end of the foot died and went all dry and black (i.e. dry gangrene).

It's taken a while, but finally the dead bit dropped off and he's grown new skin. He can walk around fine on the heel - essentially he's missing four toes and the toe pads, but the heel and the big toe are fine.

It's the best we could have hoped for really, so I'm very pleased with him. Once we sort the new pen out (it needs some wire on the base of it, to stop him digging for freedom), he can go outside again. He'll be happier out there.

In photo news, Michael's working on it.


  1. look at those whiskers!!

  2. Aww cute little Basil, glad he's okay now.

  3. What a sweet hog. Happy to hear that he is okay.