Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yeah, I'm okay

Things are starting to look better. I'm trying to keep busy, while making time to relax, which sounds deceptively easy.

I had a fun night with Emma on Saturday, it was great to catch up with her and we drank 3 bottles of wine(!) Well it made up for spending all day doing housework.

Sunday I went birding at Carsington with Michael which was really nice, some good birds ( 4 year ticks and one life tick, curlew) and reasonably pleasant company too. Few too many kids about, which is not helpful when you're birding, but I can't complain - they looked like they were learning something and appreciating the wildlife anyway.

I'd planned to go to lectures yesterday, but after a night of not much sleep I didn't go. But I did get some other stuff done, and went to rehearsal. Where I shocked myself by being able to find some notes that have previously eluded me (the secret for me is to stop thinking about it, because my ear and my voice knows exactly here the note is, it's just my brain that doesn't!)

Today I'd planned to exercise with Emma, but she's cancelled as she's going to the doc, and we've re-arranged. We're planning on inspiring each other to exercise more, as we both want to lose weight/get fitter. I'm going to have to be very careful not to overdo it though, because that makes me feel worse.

And my plans for tomorrow have fallen though as well. Jonathan was coming to visit, but he texted me this morning to say he's having problems with the bank and can't make it. Maybe I'm a bit cynical, but he often seems to make that excuse, and it doesn't sound as genuine now that he's working and doing lots of overtime. I could have said I'll go see him, but I'm annoyed and don't see why I should. I can do without the train journey. Perhaps I'll do some uni work instead. Ha ha.

Thursday I'm hoping for a singing lesson, and I have choir rehearsal. Friday someone's coming to (hopefully) fix our fridge-freezer, and our new oven's being delivered. And maybe my game at the role-playing club won't be cancelled.

And Saturday I'm going to London to meet Pete, Nic, Mark and whoever else is going. We'll look at birds and drink tea, and if I know Pete, eat bacon sandwiches. Should be fun.

So I'm sitting on my arse much less than usual. And I do feel better. I still have loads of things I need to do, like talking to uni people, but I'm getting there. All I need now is a visit to the doc. I'm pretty sure I've had a little urinary/kidney infection the last few days - I'm weeing lots and my lower back is very achy and it's not the muscles, it's inside. The hot water bottle helps.

Now to find something fun to do this afternoon....


  1. Sounds like you've been keeping busy! Hope you get that wee thing cleared up. LOL

  2. Finding time to do nothing is much harder than it should be...

    Your birding excursions sound lovely. I used to do that a lot when I lived in Oklahoma (seeing as there was nothing else to do there) and saw a lot of beautiful birds, especially during migration seasons. I miss some of those birds now.

    Good for you, for getting up and going... I am trying to do that as well, but I have to take it easy. These drugs don't let me breathe as easily when exerting, and upcoming surgery will slow me down a bit more... But I do what I can, and every little bit helps.

    Keep feeling better!!!

  3. Attila, thanks for the concern about my wee. I think it's almost back to normal now.

    Sayre, it's weird - first time I went birding was less than a year ago, with Pete (of http://thequacksoflife.blogspot.com/index.html), and although I enjoyed it I said at the time I propbably wouldn't become a proper birder. It was only a few weeks later that I was visiting my local RSPB reserve! And now I can tell a redshank from a green sandpiper from ruff, and I'm starting to learn the calls. And I'm coming to the conclusion that I need new binoculars!

    The thing I love about birds, it's a chance to watch actual wildlife. It's easy to do, you don't have to know anything about birds to enjoy it, and you can see birds just by stepping outside the house. Also so many of them are beautiful and entertaining to watch - even English birds can be as exciting as tropical ones. And you can't beat the song of the European robin.