Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How the hell did you get here?

I thought I'd amuse you with a few of the searches that lead people to click into this blog. Because I'm bored.

I hate spiders kill - was that you Nikki?
pie wedgies - Jon??
squeamish fruit fetishes
Pergolesi's Alleluia recording
- How did that lead here? I didn't even know Pergolesi wrote an Alleluia.
download Ecce Homo Theme from Mr Bean
I hate flies
cat prosthetics LARP uk
Warhammer 40k porn
sexy snails
sex with dog
dog sex
out door sex
"ladies loo" pee wiping
- I really hope this was a cleaner. Really.
basil for ticks
mr bean videos
Mr Bean sings in church choir
joe & hayley
- Um... yeah. "Hey, you're English, right? You must know my friend Joe, he went to London once... with his girlfriend Hayley. He's about so tall?"
dog sex
- Again.
boyfriend mike anna
- Pretty vague search terms...
bruckner "locus iste" "mr. bean"
sperm in alium and tallis and free music download
- This one amused me in a childish way... it's "Spem in alium" not "Sperm". Spem means hope. Sperm... generally doesn't. Plus the "and" is completely redundant.


  1. Ha! I love reading these!

    My search words are so boring!

  2. erm I came via petes blog, as I havnt updated my links yet....not very exciting.

    Thanks for the card btw and pressie...soooo cute!

  3. My favorite ones that lead people to me are:

    Dumb Ass; and
    Mexican Moms Got Big Butts (?)(WTF?)

  4. How do you know? Ugh, I'm so behind the times!

  5. That's funny. I was thinking of doing the same thing. Isn't amazing what some people will put into a search engine?