Monday, May 18, 2009

Just a quick one

My uncle died last Saturday, of cancer. I don't know much about it but he definitely had a tumour on his spine and cancer in other places too. I hadn't seen him for years but I remember him as a nice man, older than my dad - the type who'd do anything for you, too kind for his own good sometimes.

My grandma found out last week that she has womb cancer. And the tests she had today confirmed that she has an aggressive tumour which may spread. It may have already spread. And she's 70 and has heart disease so it might be too risky to operate - we'll find out more when she has an ECG next Tuesday. She's already said that if it's spread she doesn't want the operation.

I'm not letting myself get upset, not unless the next lot of tests/scans say that it's inoperable, or that the op would be too risky. That sounds very cold-hearted - obviously I am upset, but I can't make things any better by crying and letting it get to me so I'm choosing to deal with the potential situation as and when. Can't say I'm massively optimistic though. I don't know what to think.

And my grandad's not long since had an op to remove his prostate cancer.

Understandably I'm now somewhat concerned that a new mole has appeared on my hand.

Can it stop please?


  1. Anna, I'm glad you are feeling a bit better, but sorry to hear of this latest bad news. You sound like you are dealing with it very logically, though. You are right that nothing can be done by getting yourself in a state. However, you need to get that mole checked out immediately!

  2. sorry ((anna)), its tough isn't it

  3. Thanks guys, it's not easy but I'm coping.

    A bit of googling tells me that my hand mole is normal, but some others on my leg and neck need to be looked at.

    I didn't realise until I stated looking that I have hundreds of moles, three of which are raised ones. I freckle in the sun too, so I guess it's a fair skin thing.

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