Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A house guest

So I'm in the dining room making polyclay beads a little while ago (I know, it's really late, but my sleep is fucked up still), when I spot something out of the corner of my eye, in the kitchen. Not that my eye was in the kitchen, the thing I saw was.

Anyway, in front of the sink cupboard was a mouse. A pretty big, healthy-looking one. It had a look around. It sniffed the air. Then it disappeared, presumably under the sink cupboard.

So I got up and grabbed our multi-mouse no-kill trap from upstairs, baited it with peanut butter (that got Summer's attention), and set it on the floor by the sink. And went back to the beads.

A little while later the mouse (well could have been a different one I guess, it was a mouse anyway) strolled on past my chair, along the wall. Behind the rabbit's cage and round the other side back towards me. I tried not to move, because despite not really wanting mice in my house, I'm interested in how they behave. I often spend time watching them eat the food I put out for the birds. Cute little things, but destructive and rather unhygienic. Rather like children.

Anyway. This mouse either didn't clock me, or just didn't care that I was there - it practically ran over my foot at one point. Then it headed out into the hallway and I lost it.

Presumbably it went into the understairs cupboard.

Which is an absolute tip.

It's full of the vacuum cleaner, tools that are so essential that they don't live in the garage (like the big torch), dry dog food, dry cat food (for Basil the hedgehog), rabbit food and wild bird food. All in open bags. The little mouse must be having a field day in there!

Annoyingly this means I now have to clear out that cupboard and buy storage containers for the food and probably throw a lot of it away because it will be contaminated with mouse doings. Because mice are continuously urinating.

There must be a market for incontinance pads for mice.

Typical, when I have stuff I really need to do tomorrow, I've got to deal with the black hole under the stairs which may now be home to countless mice and spiders (not that I mind either, but still...) and possibly a small third-world country. When i should be making cute little cakes with glitter to take to the Activities Fair on Thursday, so we can bribe freshers into joining SingSoc.

That and doing something which I can't tell you about til Sunday.

Oh and while I'm here, are there any birders who want to play Guess Which Completely Unexpected Bird Turned Up In My Garden Last Week Which Isn't A Garden Bird And I Think Must Have Been Having A Rest During The Start Of Its Migration - before I post pictures of it?

Hell, non-birders can play too if the want!


  1. Couldn't even begin to guess your mystery bird Anna - but I'm curious to know what it was :)

    Cupboard under the stairs - my bête noire!

  2. Was it a Woodcock? (We had one in the garden for about a week one autumn a few years ago).

    Or maybe a goose of some sort?

    C :)

  3. You must have made a very lovely home for Ms. Mouse for her to be so very comfortable running around your kitchen and hallway!

    I know how you feel though. That stuff always happens when you're already jammed up with stuff to do. One more thing to add to the pile...

  4. I've often wondered how people who keep pet mice cope with the constant urination, or perhaps they don't realise. Maybe, they think they are like rats and hamsters and have a designated loo area. I like your tiny incontinence pants idea LOL

    Not sure about the bird - could it be a puffin? I know they don't live in gardens and I think they migrate.

  5. Hi! Found your blog via Wytchwood Ramblings and am really enjoying reading it. Keep it up!

  6. 'Fraid all your bird guesses are wrong...

    @Kate: Hadn't really thought about that. Guess they just wash their hands etc. after mouse contact, if they even realise. Interestingly, kestrels find this habit very useful because they can see in ultraviolet, and urine is visible in ultraviolet. How cool is that?

    @Lily: Welcome, glad you like it here. I'll head on over to your blog... (if I ever get a minute) ;)

  7. Ha, ha, ha, loved your story about the mouse.