Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A little from Column A...

So I'm in a weird mood today. Various things have wound me up, but only because I wasn't particularly happy to start with. Here's a selection of the stuff that's bugged me, in no particular order.
  • A woman who sat behind me on the bus into Sheffield and kept farting. I couldn't hear it but I could smell it - and call me strange but inhaling someone else's digestive gases isn't at the top of my list of things I like to do on public transport. Hell, inhaling my own digestive gases isn't in the top 20. I'd have said something but I wasn't sure it was her until she got off and the smell stopped. I know we all do it, but we don't need to do it every 5 minutes on a bus.
  • The fact that I never realised that there is such thing as a DayRover bus ticket, which allows me unlimited travel in Chesterfield and gets me to Sheffield as many times as I want in a day and only costs £5. If I'd known about it before, I could have saved a fortune.
  • People with their mp3 players on too loud. Here's the deal. If I can hear the words and I'm 4 rows away, it's too fucking loud.
  • Going to see a university counsellor today. Because I'm basically not coping well with the whole uni thing, and the whole fibro thing. Pisses me off that I need to talk to someone about it. I'm an adult dammit, I'm supposed to be able to sort my own shit out.*
  • Crying three times in the counselling session over practically nothing.
  • Hot weather. I know it's not really that hot, but I don't like it. My feet and ankles and wrists swell up and I'm uncomfortable and I can't sleep and I have to put suncream on just to walk to the shop. I suppose it's more the humidity than the heat that bothers me. Either way, it sucks.
  • Blood tests. Having to starve myself for half of the day for blood tests.
  • Losing the blue tit last week. He was doing very well, started eating by himself and flying well and I was thinking about how to start the release process. And on Thursday he wouldn't eat and in the afternoon he got very weak. I tried to persuade him to take bits of food but he was too far gone and died in my hands. It was very sad.
  • Seeing a gorgeous little rabbit in the pet shop yesterday and wanting him and Michael saying that he didn't want me to buy him, even though he can't use the "you have too many pets" defence now as I only have the Summerdog (and technically Basil's a pet now too, but that's still only two).
So yeah. And in the interests of positive thinking, here's some things that don't suck.
  • Being motivated to exercise is easier when you have a friend to exercise with. Me and Emma are trying to loose weight and get fit(ter) together. To start, we're going for a long walk on Monday evenings with the Summerdog and doing an exercise DVD on Thursdays. So far, I'm coping, even laughing at myself for having no co-ordination and failing to do both the legs and the arms at the same time. I'm also cooking healthy (but yummy) stuff and eating loads of veggies and cutting down snacks.
  • After the counselling thing I actually felt better this afternoon.
  • Seeing a couple of young blue tits outside on my peanut feeder, making the "feed me!" call that I'm now intimately familiar with. It was a little bit sad but made me feel better because at least there are some out there that have survived. And I gave mine a chance he wouldn't have had otherwise.
  • Casually glancing at the fat cake feeder hanging from the bird table on Wednesday evening and being shocked to see a gorgeous male great spotted woodpecker. It's only the fourth one I've ever seen, never seen one in the garden at all. I'd been thinking I could hear one for a few days, weirdly enough, but decided I must be mistaken. And seeing it again the next afternoon.
  • Going back to the pet shop today and buying the rabbit anyway. Michael's not really happy, but I think he'll like the bunny when he gets to know him. The bunny is lovely. :)
Yeah. Like I said, weird mood.

*Yes I know we all need help sometimes, and there's no shame in that. But it doesn't stop that part of me thinking I'm being pathetic.


  1. Aww Anna, I didn't know about the blue tit, how sad. I've never had any luck with wild birds though, as I said earlier. Nature is cruel.

    The things that pissed you off list was funny - sorry, not supposed to laugh I guess :D

  2. Yeah, it's a shame because he was doing well and I thought I'd be able to release him. It wouldn't have been so bad if he'd been sick or something from the start, at least I'd have been prepared.

    You saying nature is cruel reminded me of something else that I forgot to add to my pissed off list. The collared doves were using the nest outside our bedroom (one of them spent the night there so I assumed there was an egg), and Michael woke up the other morning to some cawing sounds and scared something "black and flappy" away from the nest. Unfortunately the nest's been destroyed, and later on I found some collared dove feathers (including one with blood on) and assumed that the dove's been killed. Which is also sad, but I suppose black flappy birds have to eat too. I suspect the jackdaws.

    And two more for the positive list.
    Because of the dove incident, I went out front and had a look round, watching the jackdaws and rooks. And I found a jackdaw nest - they've built it right inside next-door-but-one's chimney - when they go in there you can hear the young ones. Cute :)
    Yesterday I saw a pair of doves on the bird table. One of them has a small wound on its neck, with a lot of feathers missing. The feathers I found could well be from that one, so maybe "my" doves are okay.

    No, the list was meant to be funny as well! ;)

  3. It was the farting woman really that made me laugh! Dunno why, cos I find them very embarrassing, but it was the way you said it.

  4. Sorry to hear about the little blue tit. When do we see pics of new bunny? :D